Private Label


Pasqualichio Brothers, Inc. has been known for our value-added programs and included with these programs is an option for Private Labeling. We recognized early on that the days of having a dedicated butcher shop in the community or even a full staffed meat department at most grocery stores was simply a thing of the past. While many grocery operators may debate if the reasons were an increased cost of labor or simply the reduction in a skilled workforce, the bottom line is that the days of calling the butcher, placing a special order for a unique cut of meat or specialty product are few and far between, but our founders knew that the desire of specialty products would always be present.

With the workforce in the meat departments across the country dwindling and no time for the specialty items that retailers are known for, Pasqualichio Brothers has the ability to collaborate with retailers to produce and market exclusive items with the retailers branding. We also can take current items the retailer is producing that are very favorable with their customer base and help them with the demand under the retailer’s label. We at Pasqualichio Brothers, Inc. have the ability to develop brand new items with regional flavor profiles for retailers and put their branding on it. Another way we can assist retailers in their Private Label needs is taking any of our in-house developed items and placing the retailer’s name on them.